At Juliet Wholesale Flower we pride ourselves for offering the widest possible range in fresh flowers, greens and sundries.


Because of our very close link with Holland and contacts with growers from all over the world we can get you the right product for any occasion. For exclusive products and specialised bridal work you are in good hands


Colorful quality

Our buyers buy fresh cut flowers daily at the three larges flower auctions on the Netherlands. Our eye for detail and quality results in a wide and varied assortment of the most beautiful flowers from different countries in Europe and South America. We personally check the quality of all of these products. The diversity of products, the hight turnover and the good price/quality ratio make the selection interesting to any customer.

Log in to our Web Shop and see for yourself just what we have to offer. Moreover, the live photos show just what we have in stock.


Fresh and varied

We’re proud to offer and extensive range of cut floral greens – from tradicional leather leaf of comador, to spectacular Christmas wreaths and everything in between, for all seasons and occasions. Curious? Take a look in our Web Shop .


Basics and seasonal

In additional to an extensive selection of flowers and greens, Juliet Wholesale Flowers also offers you various specials accessories and extras to make every order as complete as possible. We offer short delivery times with this services as well and have an up-to-date range with no inventory risk. Our range includes the newest packaging materials, sleeves and vases. Curious? Take a look in our Web Shop .